Teller goes live on Mantle Network

Teller goes live on Mantle Network

Teller Protocol is now live on Mantle Network, an Ethereum layer 2 (L2) that boasts an 80% reduction in gas fees and 13% faster transaction times.

Mantle Network utilizes optimistic rollups (along with a modular architecture) to combine the security of main net Ethereum with the scalability of an L2.

Learn more about Mantle Network here: Mantle Network - Introduction.

Teller is excited to partner with the Mantle Network (governed by the MNT token) to unlock liquidity for the $40M+ TVL across the Mantle Ecosystem.

Teller DeFi loans feature:

  • Low gas fees for fixed-duration loans with no auto liquidation.
  • Early access to yield opportunities (above the market average).
  • Oracle-less, peer-to-peer loans for any token.

Teller is looking forward to an ongoing partnership with Mantle Network for years to come.

Lending and borrowing for all Mantle tokens is available here: