How to Get Started with Teller [Guide]

Welcome to Teller 👋

Teller is a decentralized lending protocol that offers a different approach to loan repayments and liquidations.

How Does Borrowing and Lending Work on Teller?

Teller connects competing lenders with borrowers via isolated liquidity pairs using custom loan terms.

First, the lender sets the terms and duration of the loan and an offer is created.

The borrower then accepts the offer, agreeing to pay back the loan within the stated time frame. If the borrower fails to repay the loan on time, the collateral is liquidated.

Why Time Based Repayments?

Teller does not use a price oracle or margin calls. When using traditional DeFi pools, a borrower can be liquidated if the asset price falls below a certain range.

When using Teller, a borrower can only be liquidated if they fail to repay the loan on time.

What if You Need More Time to Pay Back Your Loan?

The duration of any Teller loan can be extended indefinitely, provided there is liquidity for the offer.

This unique feature utilizes an Aave instant flash loan to repay the initial loan and open a new loan, in a single transaction.

This also enables borrowers to select the best available loan terms (refinance) at any time.

What Assets Are Supported on Teller?

Teller enables anyone to borrow or lend using any Ethereum asset.

In addition to Ethereum mainnet, Teller supports the following Layer 2 networks: Arbitrum, Polygon, Base, and Mantle.

Don't See a Liquidity Pair You're Looking For?

Request a custom loan offer by clicking here. This transaction is gasless.

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1:  Go to
Step 2: Connect Your Wallet
Step 3. Borrow or Lend Using Any Ethereum Asset

How to Borrow on Teller:

How to Extend a Loan on Teller:

How to Repay a Loan on Teller:

How to Lend on Teller:

Have questions or need help getting started?

Please reach out! You can follow Teller on X or join the discussion in Discord.